Promo film (Concept)

Triumph Motorcycles

As part of a pitch between three different production companies, Skeleton productions produced this video as a concept for what the final product may feel like. I shot the film almost entirely using a Sony FS5 on a DJI Ronin, rigged to the side of a Land Rover. This was the first time we had filmed any automotive content and we learned allot whilst doing so.

The biggest challenge was that we had a very limited budget as this was only a concept film. Because of the low budget, we were unable to hire a stronger gimble and the DJI Ronin did not hold up so well. As soon as the Land Rover hit 25 MPH, the Ronin’s motors shut down. The result of such a weak gimbal was that we never once drove fast hand had to fake the speed with low angles and clever editing. The result turned out pretty well all limitations considered.